I am Kush & I started this blog as a way to build my writing habit & improve my writing skills. Here’s another reason why. I am a freelance web designer. But my interests are quite diverse. I love to read, write and expand my thinking.

New ideas excite me. I have an unending thirst for knowledge. Deep, comprehensive, and insightful pieces that challenge my existing beliefs and teach something new to me are my favorite.

Currently, I am focusing on writing daily and started Daily Writing Challenge (DWC) 2022. Read all the posts in the DWC 2022 here.

I write about Life, exploring & learning about it, and probably in the process become better at living it.

This is my personal blog. I have another small professional space on the internet where I talk about my work only. It’s at kushsharma.net.

I decided to keep both separate as that allows me the creative freedom to express my views freely.